Beautiful Piano Infused Pop Punk

Since the bands formation two years ago, the Glaswegian five piece has been working on fine-tuning a sound they are comfortable with. The result is piano infused pop punk with a guitar anthem backing.

The bands debut EP ‘These Streets Never Sleep’ consists of four tunes, focusing on this defined style. The release opens incredibly strong with the upbeat ‘Win Win’ and furthers this with the follow up song ‘3+3’. On each of these the melodies are lively, catchy and pulsating. The only minute problem is the lack of momentum from the vocals. At times they sound strained and unable to achieve the elevated notes but otherwise stick to being quite poppy.

The second two tracks are more emotive and develop the deeper side of the band. The closing number ‘Always Am’ is sentimental with effective piano melodies and strong closing guitars. However it is ‘Put Down the Knives’ that is the most memorable song of the four. This one has a much greater sound with the blend of piano and guitars being greater and more synchronised. It had the potential to be an epic number as the harmonies gradually build and untie each element as one. Even though they never really explode long enough to become great, vocals demonstrate more meaning and the song remains the firm favourite.

With the bands own blend of infectious piano lead music, The Gap Year Riot has the potential to work their way up the ladder of the industry.