Do Me Things Bad's second single; 'What's Hideous?'

Oh dear, look what the Cat dragged in, Another uninspiring pop act. What genius thought of mixing all of today’s musical clichés and slinging them into a 3:22 single? This my dear reader is the grim reality of music, it's all bout being on TOTP whilst you watch the money role into the piggy bank. Do Me Things bad are just another bunch of talented musicians making music that doesn't make sense.

'What's Hideous' combines piano driven Pop-Rock with vocals as gorgeous as that of Liberty X. The band consists of 5 female vocalists, 2 male vocalists, 2 guitarists, a bassist and a drummer who manages to play the keyboards simultaneously. How? I will never know. The band has appeared on CD: UK, Popworld and supported The Darkness on their UK arena tour. You can see the band trying desperately to escape being pigeonholed by an ignorant reviewer like me by squeezing out a guitar solo in the breakdown and adding the dramatic styling of people like Britney Spears or Anastasia into the vocals.

Overall it could be said that Do Me Things Bad will set the world on fire, hitting number one's across Europe and leaving dust behind them for their armies of fans to digest, but I very much doubt that will be the case. They haven't created anything the ordinary school choir couldn’t achieve and certainly don't have the edge in song writing like someone such as Joss Stone who can catch the listener's attention in an instant. So unless this group write something unique, their childhood dreams of platinum vinyls will never hit their walls.