Saints of Eden review

Formed by ex-Nefilm member Cian Houchin, Saints Of Eden have now released their fourth album entitled Forbidden Pleasure. The band were formed after Houchin began experimenting with some of the tracks from Nefilm. The result was Saints of Eden, who blend heavy guitars, brutal drums and synths into an industrial sound.

Track one, 'Timesphere', sets the tone of things to come on "Forbidden pleasures" with different styles and textures on this collection of 11 songs with a vocal style harking back to the days of classic goth.

The most recent single to come off the album is 'Game over', which begins with some classic metal sounding guitar chugging and drums. This then gives way to more simple but effective rock chorus making it sound that little bit more mainstream. This track already has already appeared on a recording from Saints of Eden. It featured on their "Game Over EP" released last year.

"Forbidden Pleasures" has an ideal blend of songs for the diehard industrial and band fan as well as songs that are bit more listener friendly for people feeling and Game over is an example of that in action.

Another stand out track from the album is "I’m outside", like a fast and furious industrial rave track that goes 100mph from start to finish where the synths are the main focus of this song.

The first single of the of the album was "Price ya gotta pay". Again this another track were synths play a large part in the sound of the track giving with the drums adding the industrial dance feel.
That’s not to say that the guitars are in anyway neglected as axeman Ross Anderson can be crunching away giving the song plenty of grit despite the dance tones.

There is plenty here to catch the eyes of people who have not haven’t heard of Saints of Eden before as well make the fans who have followed them from their first three albums happy.
A few lulls here and there don’t really take away from what is a particularly decent album that is definitely worth a listen.