Bleeding Through Album

Bleeding Through have reached the stage where they can be considered veterans of their genre with their fusion of extreme metal and hardcore punk. Their music has helped them rise from the underground and they've spent years on the road touring and playing with some of metal’s biggest bands such as Slayer and Machine Head.

Their new self entitled album is the sixth of their career and also marks the debut of new lead guitarist Dave Nassie (ex No Use For A Name.)

The album kicks off with a classical and operatic sounding track. 'A Resurrection' displays some crisp textures and string arrangements which sound good enough to grace a sci-fi film’s soundtrack.
This is contrasted when track two, 'Anti Hero', comes blasting in with paint stripping vocals from Brandan Schiepatti. Its basically '2001: A space odyssey' meeting its maker against 'Alien'.

'Your Abandonment' and 'fifteen minutes' keeps up the frantic pace with some serious guitar shredding and demon like drumming from sticksman Derek Youngsma. While Schiepatti’s vocals could strip the paint of a wall Youngsma’s playing than two coats of dulux.

The singing from Schiepatti is not all screaming and brute force. On 'Salvation never found' he shows off some passionate vocals in the chorus.

One thing that is constantly present is Marta Peterson’s impressive keyboard work as the band smash together all kinds of metal including black, thrash and death to make a concoction that will leave their fans other metal followers foaming at the mouth.

'Breathing in the Wrath' is one highlight on the album as it comes with a machine gun delivery but also produces a solo that resembles something from a rock record but perfectly fits the song.

'Distortion, Devotion' sees the band end the album on a high with a mid-tempo introduction which gives way for one last final thrash just in case the listener’s head wasn’t quite spinning enough yet.
Bleeding Through are considered to be at the forefront of this kind of metal and its easy to see why as they blend their different influences of metal together to create a variety of styles for their fans to listen to.