Wolfmother - Far Away

Supporting Kiss and appearing at European Summer Festivals, (including Download and Hyde Park), Wolfmother are making a big impact on the live rock scene.

The new single ‘Far Away’ is taken from the band’s second album Cosmic Egg and is a surprising diversion from their usual, heavier sound. The track begins with tinkling keys and the very distinctive voice of Andrew Stockdale performing what sounds like the start of a Guns and Roses ballad. The lament goes on and the song builds up and then down, always to return to the chorus. At one point the grand chorus and is followed by a nice cascading guitar piece. I feel that the song needs a bit more structure and variation, though the piano tinkling at the end is quite nice.

It’s all very pleasing but I feel they’ve missed an opportunity to make this into a classic rock anthem by omitting some chunky guitar chords and a soaring lead break. It will no doubt go down well at the festivals where I’m certain that the masses will join in.