Naked Remedy - Naked Remedy

Having performed 120 shows since they formed in 2009, Midlands rock band Naked Remedy have rapidly developed a cult following. They have now recorded a self-titled EP which will be released on 23rd August.

The opener, ‘Remedy’ is promising enough with its nice wah wah guitar riff and classic 70’s rock feel. The catchy chorus line makes this a worthy opener. The track does meander off and becomes a little self indulgent. I think they should have kept the track brief and left this longer version for any future album release.

‘Freedom’ is a flash back to 1969 and Led Zeppelin. The guitar riff is so like Zeppelin’s ‘How Many More Times’ that I’m sure it’s the same notes just played differently. Hang on a minute; I’ll just reach over for my guitar…. The track is played well with each of the band members doing their bit. A nice progressive blues feel and one sure to be popular live.

The more up tempo ‘Low Down’ follows. This is so like early Budgie with its catchy riffs and interludes; yet it still works today.

The final track, ‘Got The Love’ is a cover of The Source/Candi Staton 'You Got The Love.' Here the band bring their rocking style to the fore with a classic rock bent, complete with chunky guitar on the disco hit. The vocals are a little restrained but the lead guitar break makes up for this to a certain extent. I think the band should have really gone for it here as I feel that this is a missed opportunity to really shine. The improvised vocals towards the end are again reminiscent of a young Robert Plant, though much more reserved.

Overall I found the EP a little self indulgent with too many references to the early blues of Led Zeppelin. Is this a bad thing? Maybe not, look what Zeppelin went on to achieve.