Mission - Dum Dum Bullett

The Mission was formed in late 1985 after Wayne Hussey left the Sisters Of Mercy. Since then they have racked up 14 top 40 UK hit singles, sold over 4 million albums, toured the world countless times and headlined some of Europe’s most prestigious festivals. Select highlights of The Mission’s career include seven sold out consecutive shows at the London Astoria, headlining the Reading Festival twice and gigs with the likes of U2, The Cure and Robert Plant.

The Mission split in 2008 and this month sees the release of their final album ‘Dum-Dum Bullet’; a compilation of rare B-Sides, unreleased demos and seven new tracks.

The album opens with ‘It Don’t Matter Anyhow’ an extra track from the ‘Keep It In The Family’ EP. The track stands up on its own and could well have been released as a single in its own right. Distorted guitar, chunky chords and moody, snarling vocals make a great introduction and epitomises the bands raw energy. ‘Refugee’, another extra track from the same EP, begins with a raunchy guitar and a more downbeat feel and sombre mood; another great track.

The first of the new songs, ‘Room 22’, is a much quieter offering still; a melancholic pop-rock ballad, again with some nice distorted guitar work. The mood changes with ‘Chelsea Blue’ and out comes the acoustic guitar and great vocals on the sublime ‘Acoustic Blush’.

‘Thine’ (previously only available digitally in Europe as an extra track with the ‘Blush’ single release) is a real melancholic lament which highlights the bands ability to express themselves at any tempo they choose to adopt.

There now follows 6 tracks which are either new songs or Wayne Hussey demos. ‘So Many Things’ is followed by the interesting and previously unreleased instrumental ‘Still Deep Waters’. The first of the Wayne Hussey demos, ‘Katya’s Lullaby’ which is a haunting and very, very moody is followed by the curious and previously unreleased a cappella ‘Aquarius & Gemini; another oddity and is again another moody offering.

The new ‘The Earth You Walk Upon’ is one of my favourite tracks on the album. It has swirling guitars and noises with infectious vocals and harmonies; haunting and catchy all at the same time.

Another new track, ‘Stranger In A Foreign Land’ is a gritty Wayne Hussey demo complete with distorted slide guitar and vocals; it really works well. ‘Blush Remodel’, which was previously only available digitally in Europe as an extra track with the ‘Blush’ single release, is a fitting ending to this collection (well, on my version); Its eerie eastern melodies and whispered vocals are excellent