'Bad News Makes Big Noise' - Colours of One

Starting things off with a 52 second intro to get you into the right mood, Colours Of One have created a marvelously crafted set of strong emotion filled rock. It’s hard to believe that "Bad News Makes Big Noise" is their debut, the mini-album is a tight blend of melodies that just screams natural talent.

Mike Simmonds's powerful voice is strong and steady, shining as a central point amidst a dynamic and layered sound. 'Burning Ants' really shows off the skills of guitarists Miff Tuck and Rhys Hart, filled with strong melodies and a screaming guitar solo while ‘Spin’ starts with a wail of guitars and a rolling mass of sound from drummer Paul Jones. Chris Dower builds the backbone and provides a consistent and subtle bass beats on each and every track.

'RLD' is radio friendly with a mix of sharp verses and soaring choruses just waiting to be sung along to and 'Halos' is a pretty song, a mix of verses filled with light guitars from Tuck and Hart contrasting with full soaring sounds in the chorus. Closing the mini-album with a song of epic proportions, title track ‘Bad News Makes Big Noise’ is a blend of quiet and loud, passion filled emotional music.

Colours of One write songs that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Comparisons can be made with many bands such as Shihad, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Live but it does Colours of One a disservice to name them as the five Welshmen from Bridgend bring their own style that contradicts the comparisons as soon as they are made.

Think of a more mature, heavier pop/alternative rock sensibility blended with some hard rock riffs, topped off by a smooth deep lyrical voice. Colours of One know how to grab your attention and appeal to your emotions. This is music to get lost in.