Fury UK

The eagerly awaited third album from metal band Fury UK, ‘A Way Of Life’, is released on September 6th and will be followed by a UK Tour including eight dates as guests of Y&T.

The impossible guitar gymnastics of Chris Appleton first come to your attention in the opening track ‘I See Red’; full of energy and spirit with Chris being more than ably supported by the tight rhythm section of Martin McNee and Luke Appleton. This high energy approach is again apparent in ‘Fall From Grace’, with it’s chunky rhythm and thundering bass and drums; all complimented by the infectious chorus.

The album is full of contrast and this can first be seen with the moody ‘One God’, with its every changing tempos and riffs, before the returning to the more direct approach of ‘Saviour’. ‘Nemesis’ on the other hand is a monster of a metal anthem with its pounding wall of sound and chorus to match; there’s some very nice guitar work here.

The theme continues (for one track at least) as an anthemic chorus appears again on ‘Athena’, a song dedicated to the band’s Greek fans. Here there’s a nice acoustic opening and laid back feel prior to building up to hard rock melody is very pleasing. ‘Show Of Force’ is what it says, a show of powerful riffs and raunchy melodies and complimented by some wailing guitar and more solo gymnastics.

The more progressive rock feel of ‘Run Away From No-One’ is a nice diversion and it fits in nicely amongst the heavier offerings. The vocals here remind me of a young Don Henley. Slap bass and chopped chords introduce ‘Alien Force’, which is another catchy back to basics rock song. The closing track, ‘The Remainder’, has an epic feel about it. It twists and turns, changing tempo and mood at will; it drifts seamlessly from one dimension to the next. The song is a very suitable choice for the final track as it gets the listener hooked and wanting more.

This is a belter of an album and highlights what Fury UK are all about. These boys deserve to go far and I’m sure that they will.