Falling in love on lazy summer evenings

Another one of the raft of talented young bands plying their trade out of Brooklyn NYC, The Drums might have released "Forever and Ever Amen" on Factory records in 1988. Twenty something years later this sound is as relevant now as it was back then. Exuberant disco drums and trebly melodic bass al la New Order's Peter Hook give perfect pop platform to "and all the stars in the sky" which captures the essence of its simple message, falling in love on lazy summer evenings. With its shimmering guitar and sanguine vocal "and let me run till the end of time, until out hearts are aligned into the sky" it's hard not to be charmed by its innocence, naivety and youthful optimism, a feeling we all felt when nothing really mattered and the days lasted forever. The Drums have written the perfect soundtrack to your summer, a track that will evoke magical memories in another twenty years, now go call your friends and have some fun.