Melodic pop-rock

The "Dirty Tricks" EP kicks off with 'Heroics' an anthemic track that somehow brings to mind both the poppy tunes of Jimmy Eat World and the Brit-rock of Hundred Reasons; it's a great tune; melodic with great vocals and even though the tune is straightforwardly rocky, it has something really appealing about it that transcends the simplicity of the catchy tune. 'It's Your Fault' is even more catchy; the melody is fun and really danceable; background vocal whoa's make you want to sing along and again, the vocals are cracking. 'Flaunt It' is one of those pop-rock tunes that you can imagine an entire audience chanting back to the band at a gig (it has a touch of Coheed and Cambria about it, in their poppier moments). 'Those Eyes' finishes off the EP (apart from the acoustic version of 'Get Away') and it's another nice melodic pop-rock tune with bags of personality; really bouncy and upbeat. Well worth checking out if you haven't already, this band are destined for bigger things.