Something a little different

Norwegian based all female quartet Katzenjammer (a mouthful I know!) began their rise to stardom back in their home country in 2009. After much success and nominations for awards the band are breaking away and heading further ashore with this debut release.

'Le Pop' combines an assortment of sounds ranging from folk, country and cabaret to rock and pop elements. Although this all sounds a little jam packed and a complete muddle of melodies, the overall effect and musical combination related is actually pretty remarkable. There are about 29 instruments incorporated on the record, each one played and self-taught by the ladies themselves. It sounds as though there is everything from harmonicas, banjos and drums to tubas, accordions and plenty of brass. The first single to be taken from the album is the lively 'A Bar in Amsterdam'. Some other tracks use the instruments to put across emotions of sadness and melancholy, others have happiness but many are just packed with a fun attitude and ambiance, a pub feeling with booze and laughter.

These varying ambiances come across in the vocal contributions, which is one of the albums finest points. Some voices are rather rugged while others are gentler. Each of the ladies give their input onto the songs, taking a track each so that not only does everyone sing, but each song therefore incorporates something a little different, something that suits the tracks particular style, speed and musical instrument offerings.

'Le Pop' is a fine piece of musical magic and makes for a very intriguing listen.