Doing their thing

From the outset, you are subjected to an onslaught, like a furious ambush which leaves little time to retreat or retaliate. This album may well be faster than a Cheetah on speed, but that alone doesn't even come close to describing how much power is pumped out of the speakers when it gets some play button action on your stereo. I mean, even if you were to strap a double-decker bus on your back at Marylebone station, with the intention of delivering it to Madrid, you'd still find ingesting these tracks the heavier of the two tasks.

It's easy to see why their label Epitah is describing it as both 'urgently dark' and 'epic'. Although it's a no holds barred, fairly rough ride affair throughout, there are waves of majestic euphoria found subtly washing over each and every track (provided by both string sections and some sublime synth programming) which I have no doubt will see this release being greatly received throughout both the music press and their already rock solid fan base.

As predecessor 'Suicide Season' gained such notoriety and enjoyed substantial commercial success, it was never going to be an easy task to provide its follow-up. So with this in mind they headed to a loch side mansion far into rural Scotland and drafted in the same studio crew who were behind that critically acclaimed previous release. Both the isolation and knowledge of a winning formula team in place, clearly gave them the confidence and belief to delve deeper and into their song writing capabilities and to complete a rock solid record which is sure to go down in hindsight as one of their most skilfully crafted and forward thinking releases.

As well as new rhythm guitarist Jona Weinhofen (formerly of I Killed The Prom Queen) firmly in place, the band also draw from the vocal talents of Josh Franceschi (You Me At Six). Josh Scogin of 'The Chariot' also lends a hand on 'The Fox & the Wolf' and electro-pop darling LIGHTS appears on both album opener 'Crucify' and the bravest most diverse track 'Don't Go', which for me provides BMTH singer Oli Sykes with his most powerful and shining moments on the entire release. All in all, these boys' done good, as this is sure to be a massively big hitter.