Rough edged

Compared rightly to bands like The Ramones and The Stooges, London four piece, Limozine, has that kind of raw and rough edged energy that those classic and much loved bands conjure and they let it all out on this new single taken from their forthcoming third album "Full Service".

From the drunk sounding (unplaceable accented) barked vocals to the sharp shock of the seriously lo-fi production, 'Siamese Twins' is rock 'n' roll at it's basics, at its roots, brash, loud, unadorned and full of distorted fuzz. Short in length but with a strangely lasting appeal due to the catchy melody at its core, this track certainly makes an impact. Actually the bluesy b side 'Jennifer X' is slightly easier on the ear and more melodic, less direct perhaps in attitude but no less single worthy.