Punk alt rock

It starts with a scratchy sound, one that quickly grows into a solid beat and brings in a whine of guitar; all indicators pointing to Katalina Kicks's second single, 'Me', being a great find.

A blend of old school punk and modern day melodic alt rock, The West Londoners have produced a sound that is reminiscent of bands such as The Clash and The Kinks; with some smooth rock melodies thrown in to really broaden their appeal. Measured spoken vocals barked through the verses give way to slightly more melodic strains in the chorus. With refrains of "I'm so ugly" and "I'm so happy" the song is, as it's title and chorus suggest, "not about you [...] cause it's all about me".

As a whole it's fairly short track at only 2 and a half minutes long; it is nonetheless catchy and fulfilling.
'Me' is one of those songs that gets your feet tapping and head nodding and quickly has you singing along.

I highly recommend it to all punk/alt rock fans everywhere.