Catchy pop-rock EP

Fearless Vampire Killers can certainly write a catchy tune; this five track EP really showcases their sound, ranging from the glam pop-rock of (My Chemical Romance-like) opener 'Faces In The Dirt' to the more rocky, harder, quirkier, guitar led sound of 'Palace In Flames' the one thing that links all the tunes is that they all have a great tune which gets you moving and singing along(on multiple listens).

The only slow moment on the EP(if you can call it a slow moment as it's not a slow track) is the 'Interlude' which is a bit of an oddity, sounding a touch like a spur of the moment jam, but nevertheless it's still quite fun, it does take you out of the moment slightly, which is why it's mentioned here. Apart from that this is a cracking EP of catchy, poppy tracks with some nice heavier moments and bags of energy.