Post-rock epics

London four piece Killington Fall combine a heady mix of post-rock epic waves and full-on alt-rock guitar crunches; this six track EP soars one moment and then builds to a crushing barrage of riffs and drums the next. Tracks like 'This City Is Covered In Water' impress with a delicate, melodic loveliness that challenges even the best post rock masters (Explosions In The Sky et al) and the pay off when the powerful rushes of noise kick in is gorgeous and skin tingling.

The opening to 'Soft-Point' brings to mind Minus The Bear with it's twinkling guitar sound and sweet vocal melody. Killington Fall don't rely on vocals but they do use them effectively when they fit, often they just let the instruments play, however the tunes are far from being jam sessions but tightly ordered songs with emotional depth. A solidly played and emotionally satisfying debut EP of really excellent tunes that stay with you long afterwards; hopefully we'll be hearing more from K.F. soon.