A suprisingly soulful expression

Since adopting the moniker Joan as Police Woman, Joan Wasser has been touring extensively and collaborated with luminary artists such as Rufus Wainwright and Antony and the Johnsons. This latest album release "The Deep Field" aptly demonstrates why she fits in well with their sounds.

Having released her first albums with the noticeable tinge of melancholy and sadness following the loss of her lover Jeff Buckley she has now come into the light and gives us ten tracks of leisurely funk and soul to happily wade through.

Lyrically wise there are a few moments of questionable quality but the richness of her voice more than makes up for it. The sultry, slightly menacing "Chemmie" is one of the standout tracks on the album, and for languid beauty you'll not go far wrong with "Flash". This album is the very definition of modern 'easy listening' and is the sound of someone living life in the now and following their heart to wherever it may take them. In doing this she is requesting that her fans come on the journey with her. She's asking that they allow themselves to be whisked away by the playful soulful melodies and then be ready to come back to feel the sensuous rhythms also on offer.

A surprising turn for anyone who has listened to and enjoyed Wasser's previous output but mostly definitely is a turn that deserves to be experienced and enjoyed. In a time of 'austerity' as our government likes to term it everything is feeling that bit more grey and dull but Joan as Police Woman is coming, all sirens blaring to daub our landscape with a splash of audio colour which no-one can deny is a welcome addition.