Glamour Of The Kill The Summoning

York four-piece metalcore band Glamour Of The Kill (GOTK), have been steadily growing their fan base and plaudits since they burst onto the scene in 2007. After appearing with some high profile bands and releasing two EPs and appearing on a compilation album, the band has put together their first studio album, 'The Summoning'.

From the outset, the album is impressive. From the heavy drums and chunky guitar chords to the clever harmonies, smart riffs and infectious chorus; the album opener 'If Only She Knew' sets the standard for what's to follow. The infectious and catchy songs are numerous here, always with metal undertones, always with no-nonsense delivery.

All is not perfect though. There's an intermittent growling vocal that crops up now and again which I feel is inappropriate and detracts from the quality of the music as a whole. It's evident on 'World's End' (with its Rush-type guitar phrasing), 'Dying From The Inside' (a solid song in its own right), 'Supremacy' (with its exploding intro and very competent riffing) and 'Army Of The Dead' (with its twin guitar sound, reminiscent of Thin Lizzy). I feel that these, like all of the other songs on the album, don't need the growling vocal, they should be left alone.

The musicianship is very good throughout. From the excellent drumming and disjointed timing on the classic rock feeling 'Feeling Alive' to the clean guitar sound on 'Lost Souls', the playing is immaculate.

The tracks 'Malevolent Reign' and the album title track 'The Summoning' show a quieter side to the band. Acoustic guitar, piano and clever vocal arrangements are very nice diversions. In contrast, the high tempo 'Through The Eyes Of The Broken', with its intricate guitars is, as with the rest of the songs, as catchy as hell. The almost anthemic 'Here, Behind These Walls' stands out (if any track on this album can). I particularly like the double guitar sound over the tight bass and drums as well as the clear vocals and inevitable catchy chorus.

Despite the growling vocal distractions, the album is one that's filled with great musicianship and numerous catchy rock songs. On the evidence of this, these boys should go far.