Sucioperro Reflexes Of The Dead e.p.

Comprising five B-sides and one track from the band's latest album, the Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Pixies, Biffy Clyro) produced 'The Heart String And How To Pull It', and released as a something of a stop-gap between albums, Sucioperro's 'Reflexes Of The Dead' is a bit of a tricky one to pin down stylistically.

Opening track 'Reflexes Of The Dead' is a laid-back and poignant acoustic number, whilst 'Puppets' is jerky electronica, catchy but monotonous. 'We Take Shelter From The Trouble We're In' is another track which is heavy on the keyboards, but light on variety, and then we're back in mellow acoustic territory with 'I Love It When Stevie Dances' with it's opening line of "Let me get straight to the point, I wouldn't fuck you in a month of Sundays". 'Finally Found It' has a poppy feel to it with some synth strings, pleasant enough but, as with much of the ep, Sucioperro seem to favour fairly simplistic arrangements with few changes and final track 'Send Away The Wolves' is a well-written verse in search of a chorus.

This is an immediately catchy collection of tracks (my 10-month old son loved it enough to get jiggy on the first listen), but it's probably a little too repetitive and inconsistent to withstand repeated listens.