Experimental to the max

Scratchy, jagged, seriously experimental and seemingly designed to make you feel on edge and ill at ease; vocally eerie and distorted, with layered effects used, tracks like 'Return Of The Thin White Dook' make the skin crawl on your arms as you listen. The guitars play discordant loops and strange beeps and buzzing sounds fade in and out of your range of hearing. Challenging and nasty, the album gives no respite, no tunes, no escape and has very little variation from track to track.

'Shunt Creek' sounds like a tape that's become warped in a tape machine and then played backwards, so discordant is it, so off key and jagged. The only thing that lets you know it's running ok are the strange high pitched vocals. Ok call me crazy but I took a kind of bizarre pleasure from listening to this jazzed up mash up of seemingly random chords and odd noises, like Melt Banana and Blood Brothers in a blender with Pixies but cut up and wedged back together like a Burroughs novel and then mashed to a pulp with a big stick. The record may make you feel like you're losing the plot, but there are some interesting moments to be had; dark and brooding bass, haunting glitchy samples and loops and the odd blast of brass make their way through the layers. This is about as experimental as it gets, you have been warned.