Rocking Coolness

At last, after nearly a year in the making, STEREO IS A LIE's debut album is finally here and it was well worth the wait. The Austin, Texas five piece have put together not just one of the finest debuts but quite possibly, the album of 2011. All 10 tracks on the self titled release have been beautifully crafted together and each on their own could be considered stand out tracks, right from the opening bars of the uber cool 'What We Do' right to the fading notes of the slow building finale of 'Look At Yourself'.

We don't give our Band of the Month award away to just anyone, so it is no surprise on evidence like this that our Band of the Month for February was STEREO IS A LIE.

Albums don't start much better than the opening three tracks here, 'What We Do', 'Last Call' and 'It's Too Late' pack a punch that makes anyone listening for the first time realise that they are on to a sure fire winner. The tunes never let up, not a weak track out of the ten on here, which in this day and age is a big blessing.

With a sound that should feel at home on this side of the Atlantic as well as in the States, STEREO IS A LIE should be checked out post haste. It captures the coolness of bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Oasis and the ilk.

Austin claims to be the "Music Capital of the World", which for those that have been to visit the capital of Texas will know they may very well have a claim and it is because of their love of music that in this small city in America they have produced countless quality musicians and bands over the years, in STEREO IS A LIE they can add one more to the list.