Yorkshire Ska/Punk/Metal cross over

Random Hand is a Yorkshire based four piece and they've been around the block a few times. Established back in 2002 they've played loads of festivals, toured many countries and provided their fair share of ska punk athems. "Seething is Believing" is their third album and is released through Bomber Music

The album kicks off with 'Tales of Intervention 'and my initial opinion was that this was just another ska punk band blasting out their political views. This was probably the biggest injustice I've committed to the band. As we blast through 'Sons of Robots' it becomes apparent that I've made a major mistake here. Random Hand is a ska punk metal crossover band blasting out groovy metal licks on the guitar and soothing ska tunes on the trombone.

Robin Leitch spits out his social and political fuelled lyrics whilst also balancing this with providing the ska sound on the trombone. Bassist, Joe Tilston, can actually play, unlike some other punk bassists that come to mind, and provides groovy bass licks. The highlight is guitarist, Matthew Crosher, who is clearly a closet metalhead and blasting out fret burning riffs. The newest addition to the band is the recently appointed drummer, Sean Howe.

'Floating Ghosts' is probably my favourite track as it rocked my socks off and got my metalhead banging. This is followed by the equally awesome 'Bones' and complimented by the equally great and very clever video on Random Hand TV. The first single 'Find Out Who's There' is clearly a more metal fuelled song filled with groovy licks and metal vocals. Leitch blasts a few notes out on the trombone just to reassure the fans that they are still Ska Punk, but clearly this is a metal tune. This crossover occurs throughout the album and whilst ska would not be something I would normally listen to, "Seething is Believing" is an entirely different kettle of fish. Yes we are often taken back to 70's punk or ska, but the metal twist makes Random Hand one of my favourite finds this year.

Clearly these Yorkshire lads are pissed off and have something to say about it. You should do yourself a favour and stop and listen. The album is filled with solid, heartfelt tracks and great lyrics forged by some talented musicians. Forget about the stereotypical three chord punk riffs, these guys can actually play!

Renowned for their explosive live shows, Random Hand has announced a few UK headlining shows in March, tightly followed by a tour with The King Blues.