Fry your love, play rock and roll and get pissed

'Deep Fried Love' is the fifth single released by rockers, Limozine. The four-piece, based in West London, has successfully released the two well received albums, "Car Crash Casino" (2007) and "Evil Love" (2010). The single also include B-Side 'Drink Ya Self Out Of It' and was released on the 9th of May through Beat Atlas Records.

It is very clear by the titles of their songs, Limozine do not take things too seriously. The groove is very catchy from the onset, and whilst the makeup of the songs may be a formula we have all heard before, we also know that it works. 'Deep Fried Love' ticks all the boxes for a catchy, radio friendly rock and roll song with a cheeky punk undercurrent. The vocals are raspy and the music is something you would expect to blast through the speakers in some rough pub, watching the girls strut their stuff on the sticky dance floor, whilst dodging chairs and bottles being thrown about. The B-Side, 'Drink Ya Self Out Of It', is a really fun song and confirms the image sketched above.

If you are one of those serious music connoisseurs, discussing the components of the song over a glass of cognac, don't bother; leave Limozine to the rest of us rockers to enjoy.