Insight to Screamadelica

The BBC "Classic Albums" series offered some real gems to the viewers and this episode is one of them, so much that the band released it on a DVD alongside a copy of the album performed live in its entirety for the first time ever at the Olympia in London in November 2010.

"Screamadelica", third studio album by alternative rockers, Primal Scream, was released on the 21 September 1991 and provided them with their first real commercial success. The music is a unique blend of Rock, Dance, Dub and Gospel, and as Josh Homme commented, provides the unusual result of rock music you can dance to. The main hits from the album included 'Loaded' and 'Come Together'.

Primal Scream refuses to see themselves as a traditional band, but more as a number of musicians performing together. Bobby Gillespie was joined by Andrew Innes, Robert "Throb" Young, Martin Duffy, Henry Olsen and Phillip "Toby" Tomanov to produce this masterpiece, with Denise Johnson providing the amazing guest vocals on 'Don't Fight It, Feel It'.

The program delves deep into the making of this classic album, with extremely open and frank interviews with the band members, band management, producers and the Creation Records owner, Alan McGee. With classic footage from gigs and TV shows, this DVD is an essential for any Primal Scream fan. The program goes on to show how this Glasgow band went on to create one of the 90's classic albums, went on to win the first Mercury Music Award, lost parts of the trophy along with the cheque and grew to be a Superband.

The band frankly discussed their drug usage and the influence drugs such as Ecstasy had on the scene and "Screamadelica" specifically. Whilst the entire album is discussed, there is also a nice little extra included with an in depth discussion on a selection of the songs.

The "Classic Albums Screamadelica" DVD offers the whole package, and the additional CD recorded live at the Olympia in London, not only provides a great collectable for any Primal Scream fan, but is also a great introduction to the band, sharing a lot of information about the scene, the creation of the band and the story behind one of the greatest albums of the nineties.

The review of the live DVD of the performance at the Olympia, which was also released at the same time, is also published on RoomThirteen.