Quirky indie-rock

A self-consciously quirky EP from Mr Hawkins with the vocal style and lyrical content both as off kilter as can be; if we said it was like The Fall having a drunken hoe down with Nick Cave you may get the general idea. Your enjoyment of the band really depends on your tolerance for the vocals, as musically it's quite pleasant, even sweet at times with nice twinkling keys, string sounds and crystal clear guitars, there's plenty to recommend the five tracks.

'The Finest Cherry' is a particularly strong track, noteworthy for the Americana feel which invades the overall indie-rockness. Your probably getting the idea by now that this isn't really an easy listen, and you'd be right; the insistent monotone quality of 'Of Course I Stole The Train' can be pretty challenging for example but due to some interesting genre mixing, lovely open production and the quirky lyrical content you may just find yourself strangely hooked.