Warm Front

Detroit may be known for their production of cars but the city of Austin, Texas seems to have a production line of their own, making a steady stream of cool bands for the public's pleasure and with Dead Black Hearts they have possibly made a classic model.

"The Southern Front" is officially an EP but at 7 tracks long it comes close to being a full blown album. It has a chilled out indie rock vibe throughout with beautifully written lyrics harmonically sung.

The band's talent is there for all to see, no pretentious over the top production, just pure genius from the opening of the uber cool 'Ambush!' to the closing of '5 to 9', which thankfully is not a back to front cover of Dolly Parton's song. All seven tracks have been crafted together with such style that there's not a single one that weakens the EP. Just begs the question, why not add a couple others and make it that full blown album.

The quintet are signed up to Monolathe records, who seem to be gaining a reputation of hand picking the best up and coming bands around.