Do Me Bad Things I Must Have Upset Someone

How can I describe this debut album from Do Me Bad Things, err, interesting, well it is definitely different! They are certainly not a band that you can stick in a pigeonhole and describe them as a particular genre. They seem to cover all the genres in one song let a lone the album.

It is hard to believe that this is a band that has been together for just over two years, as they certainly come along way. This is a nine-piece band from Croydon, four of the band play the instruments and everyone is a vocalist, so it certainly brings a different sound. But the label that brought you The Darkness obviously sees some potential in the band. So currently on their own tour, and having been a support act to The Darkness, things are starting to look up for the band.

The album opens with 'Time For Deliverance' everything starts wells, sounds like a good solid rock opening. Plenty of guitar riffs, great drumming, and then it happens, it turns into 'Tommy' the rock opera, but without the serious undertones.

Every song starts off well and then just turns into something that should be part of a stage show, and I don't mean of a rock band but of a musical. The only real attempt of a serious song is the current single 'What's Hideous' and then it is a blend of rock and pop, as those sages at record labels would put it these days pop-rock (god I hate that term). At least there is some really serious guitar riffs in the track.

With tracks like 'Off The Hook' and 'Liv Ullman On Drums', they sound like a pop band trying hard to be a cutting edge rock band, and you can't wait for the end of each of the tracks. 'The Daily Grind' opens as if ZZ Top are playing the backing, but then reverts to comedy moments when the vocals kick in. The last track 'Hold On' is quite simply no thanks, I have found some pins and shall be sticking them in my eyes.

If you want to get some serious rocking done, then this isn't the album for you, if you want a mixture of musical tastes then you might find something in the album, but I make no promises.