An impeccable, anthemic debut

Opening strongly with 'Breaking Away', Essex band The Suburbians' debut album harks back to good old fashioned anthemic rock. Produced by Romesh Dodangoda "Follow The Lights" is filled with strong, emotion filled music; it's absolutely everything that an anthemic rock album should be.

'Breathe' continues the deep melodic opening and teams soaring vocals with guitar hooks to die for. The Suburbians then move in to a lighter phase; 'Red Dress' is a fun track just made for a good bouncing sing along at a live show while 'Six In The Morning' is an emotion filled story teamed with a soaring chorus.

"Follow The Lights" goes from strength to strength, 'Wish You Well' showing off their musical chops with its weaving melodies supporting the smooth tones of frontman Mark Konstantinovic's voice before things slow down with 'Holding My Own' and the heartbreaking 'You Know This'.

Winding things up with one of the standouts on the album, 'Throw Away Tonight' hits the perfect mix of passion filled lyrics, subtle rhythms and melodies to satisfy your soul.

They've been referred to as the UK's answer to Kings of Leon and I would argue that The Suburbians are even better than the comparison suggests! "Follow The Lights" is an album for anthemic, eupohoric rock fans, blending soaring balladic melodies with catchy lyrics that just beg you to sing along. Each track appealing in it's own right, together they become an album that is destined for greatness.