Straddle the gap

Eaststrikewest straddle the gap between epic post-rock type soundscapes and indie-rock, drawing disparate comparisons depending on which track you are listening to, with touches of Coldplay, Arcade Fire, U2, Doves, And So I Watch You From Afar, amongst others, all melding into one gloriously skin tingling melting pot. But all these moments are just springboards for more, just fleeting comparisons which pass quickly and soon leave you alone with Eaststrikewest's distinctive take on epic rock which is all their own; their sound is dreamy and cinematic whilst maintaining a very accessible tone through the use of strong melodic vocal lines and they cleverly employ strings and washes of guitars noise to tug at your emotions.

The record opens with a storming rolling drum beat under chiming guitars which build to a multi-layered rush of tuneful noise reminiscent of ASIWYFA/...And Stars Collide, this is quickly followed by the acoustic beginning to the anthemic 'Twisting Muscles' which soars and is simply huge with echoed guitars, strings and powerful vocals. 'The Outsider' draws you in with its pounding, hypnotic drums, catchy melody and memorable sing along vocal lines and one of the standout tunes (of which there are many) 'Marionettes' starts slow and delicate before adding more and more layers to build to a skin tingling climax.

A couple of years back I reviewed the album "Wolvves" and was struck by the contrast between the epic instrumental and the tuneful vocal sections of the songs, in comparison this record feels more cohesive; the two worlds flowing comfortably together rather than butting up against each other, making this a more satisfying album which sits easily side by side with some of the biggest epic, anthemic rock albums in recent years.