The Drums How It Ended

From the new album 'Portamento', Florida upstarts The Drums ride the momentum with release of their second single 'How It Ended'. Almost immediately, the Cure-like bass lines grab you with their simple yet effective hooks. With the syrupy vocals of singer Jonny Pierce gliding effortlessly, the drive of the crisp, clean-sounding synthesizers create the perfect backdrop.

A twisting of the sound of the eighties new wave and the sensibilities of sixties surf-pop song writing, this is a step in more mature and progressive direction for The Drums after the success of last summer's hit single and festival anthem 'Let's Go Surfing'. The same energy is still present but the slight element of melancholy adds a bittersweet tone to the melodies. Nevertheless 'How It Ended' retains its catchiness with its strong and steady chorus. A powerful slice of dreamy indie and a swirling fusion of styles, this summery single is pure sunshine captured into audio format.