Frank Turner - Wessex Boy

London based singer-songwriter Frank Turner is back with a new single; 'Wessex Boy'.

Taken from his latest album "England Keep My Bones" this track has a beautiful acoustic tone to it. The song is sincere, and it grabs your attention, after a couple of listens you'll find yourself singing along. 'Wessex Boy' is simple and charming, it's well written and well produced. It's the sort of song that appeals to a mass audience, young or old you cannot help but fall in love with it.

'Wessex Boy' sees Frank touch on his identity, both cultural and personal, while telling the story of a man coming back to his hometown.

The video shows Turner stepping away from the large stages he has become accustomed to, and busking in the streets, as well as showing a group singing and dancing their way around Winchester. While it's not the most out there video in the world, it suits the song perfectly, capturing the feel good vibe of the track exquisitely.

Another cracking release from the folk rock god known as Frank Turner.