Anti-Flag - The General Strike

Pittsburgh's punk rockers Anti-Flag are back with their eighth studio album - "The General Strike".

Considering that Anti-Flag have been around for over twenty years, it's not surprising that every song on 'The General Strike' is well executed. This album is notably more aggressive than the band's earlier work, but it is not over powering. "The General Strike" has a great pace and is easy to listen to, musically and vocally it is very tight and you can hear the passion behind the music.

Anti-Flag have never been a band who shy away from voicing their opinions or beliefs, and the songs on this album are no different. They are angry, passionate and anarchic. 'The Neoliberal Anthem' has recently been available to stream online and has had a great response from fans, no doubt it's going to become another of the band's anthems, leading to front-man Justin Sane's chant of "Destruction, do it again" being echoed back at deafening levels at live shows.

"The General Strike" is a much stronger album than its predecessor "The People or The Gun", it's relentless, and the energy doesn't drop for a second. This album completely sucks you in, so much so that you lose track of time and it seems to be over shortly after hitting play. The band recorded and produced this album in their home studio, and it sounds great for a DIY project - the production is perfect. There's no doubt in my mind that this new record will be a huge hit with their fans who have been waiting for three years for a new album. It is a very strong release and will easily convert a lot of people into Anti-Flag fans.