The Trudy - Dirt Cheap Melody

The Trudy are a band that aren't brought around very often any more, in fact the closest you're going to come to the quirky, catchy, light-as-a-feather guitar pop is probably Blondie's more direct chart assaults. In that sense they're a band that will probably stand out of step with current music trends but since when did a great melody and a summery disposition ever stop being a great thing. Never - that's when. After disappearing for what seemed like a lot longer than a decade, The Trudy resurfaced around the 2006 mark and are now back with single Dirty Cheap Melody

Melissa J Heathcoat's vocals are dainty and winsome, and Dirty Cheap Melody itself contains a chorus that burrows into your ear like a marshmallow parasite (That's better than it sounds) a song about youthful dreams turning into kitchen sink dramas. Dirt Cheap Melody is bold and bright and breezy pop music with the lid blown off and a fat rainbow bursting out. If it doesn't stick in your head, you'll need to get yourself to a hospital and ask them to check your skull for holes. You've probably got a leak somewhere.