Limozine - Full Service

London's Limozine take you on a musical ride with the release of their third album Full Service.

Limozine play a type of sleazy rock in a similar vein as The Stooges; their songs are short, punchy and entertaining. They're all easily accessible and make for an enjoyable listen. There's heaps of raw energy to be heard on Full Service and while listening I can't help but think how great these guys would sound in a grungy little venue, complete with a sticky floor.

Full Service is not over produced, it has a nice natural and raw sound to it, which adds to the dirty rock vibe of the album. Lyrically, it is well written and with song titles such as Deep Fried Love and Siamese Twins there are some classic lines dotted throughout this album.

The standout track on this album for me is Jennifer X which has a great rock feel with a country twist. Hotel TV Swimming Pool is another outstanding track which is well worth a mention, and coming in at 03:09 long, it is one of the longest tracks on the album.

Full Service is a great album, packed full of no frills rock. This is a fab release from a great British band who aren't afraid to try out sound that a little bit different from the norm.