Katzenjammer - I Will Dance (When I Walk Away)

After the release of their debut album Le Pop back in 2010, Norwegian based all-female quartet Katzenjammer is set releasing a new track titled I Will Dance (When I Walk Away).

It is a very specific style that Katzenjammer creates with their talents. They combine a slight country/folksy feel with acoustic guitar, piano, double bass and accordion, but it's also has some danceable feels to it. There is something about the melodies that are created that you can't help but get the muscles in your body moving in one direction or another - a toe tapping, head nodding or shoulder bopping. With the vocals also pulling you in, you can't help but be impressed.

There is a celebration of the good times in this song and the music combined with the gentle and smooth female vocal makes this evident. This ready to party track is the first to be taken from the bands forthcoming album A Kiss Before You Go .