Rooster-You're So Right For Me

Welcome to the Maroon 5 school of pop-rock, a land of catchy pop hits performed by good looking guys who, gasp, play their own instruments. (Insert girly screaming here).

Rooster have had a slew of hits recently, mindless pop with a "rock" edge that the kids are eating up at a fast pace as its "different" to say...Girls Aloud, impressive eh? Roosters single proves that you can have a slew of hits, but you don't necessarily need individuality to gain them that's for sure.

This single has one of the most repetitive guitar hooks that I have ever heard, this in turn ruined the entire single as all I heard was the same tune on loop throughout, it's the type of hook that is typical of a Bob Rock produced song, but watered down and much weaker. There was no catchy chorus or make me melt lyrics that this band gained fame for (well that, and their looks) just samey trite lyrics and a bad arrangement. It's a poor last ditch effort to sound "harder", "heavier" and "rockier".

Rooster should stick to their tried and tested formula, play catchy mindless pop tunes and make the girls swoon, give up you're never going to be rockstars, not with tunes like this.