Louis XIV More Than The Sun King

By the time you get to the second track on this EP, 'Finding Out True Love Is Blind', you are hooked on this EP. It is hard to describe how infectious the music is. Very much so the modern American in the style of the Kings Of Leon, The Features and The Killers maybe with a mix of the Scottish in there with Franz Ferdinand.

There maybe only four tracks on this EP, but the music is littered with raucous riffs and quite bawdy beats, which is no bad thing. Their music is starting to get the recognition it deserve getting quite decent airplay. With 'Louis XIV' and 'It's The Girl That Makes Him Happy', it is easy to see the musical influences of the Stones and T-Rex, very reminiscent of that 70's rock beat.

It is apt that this band are called Louis XIV after the Sun King, who was rather liked his luxuries, as this band is a fantastic luxury to have in your music collection. This San Diego band, born in April 2003, and toured with The Killers in 2004, are really going places. Since signing with Atlantic records we are due an album in the coming summer, I, for one cannot wait.