Katzenjammer - A Kiss Before You Go

Since the release of Le Pop back in 2010, Norwegian based all-female quartet Katzenjammer have been touring and preparing for album number two, A Kiss Before You Go.

The style of music created for this second offering from the feisty females is another combination of folksy, pop punk with a little fairground and burlesque styled elements; this mishmash makes for an interesting and inspiring listen.

This record deals with a variety of instruments from acoustic guitar and piano to double bass and accordion. The release really kicks in with I Will Dance (When I Walk Away), the first single from the album released back in March. The tracks that follow vary between upbeat numbers such as the entertaining Cocktails and Ruby Slippers for its almost theatrical musical approach and the irresistibly poppy Shepherd's Song. There are also some slower tunes, such as the piano focused Lady Marlene as well as tougher and slightly angrier songs like Land of Confusion and Loathsome M and Rock-Paper-Scissors which is easy on the ears with a gentle flowing folksy melody due to the addition of banjo and mandolin.

These ladies are very unpredictable and impulsive. As they are multi-instrumentalists, they believe in doing something new to keep things fresh and alive for the fans; changing instruments tends to keep their act interesting and exciting. There is something about the melodies presented that make these songs so enjoyable you can't help but get your toes tapping, your head nodding or shoulders bopping. With the varied vocals also grasping your attention for the duration of the release, you can't help but be impressed by the work of Katzenjammer.