Fearless Vampire Killers - Militia of the Lost

Over the last few years London based quintet Fearless Vampire Killers have spent much of their time creating their own unique style in appearance as well as music. The result of this dedication and hard work is the debut album Militia of the Lost. According to the band, this album documents a year in a fictional city called Grandomina, and the songs recall events leading up to the city's royal palace being set on fire and the repercussions of this. This story becomes a metaphor for the loss people experience and finding a way to cope when most things are against them.

The tracks created by these young lads have no restrictions and blend elements from various genres, hard-core, punk and classic rock, featuring sharp riffs and united choruses and edgy melodies. They aim to make a musical extravaganza, something that will be memorable and stand out in comparison to other albums released at this time and does just this. From the opening of Necromania with its rugged guitars and dual vocal through to the beautiful and affectionate keys of the closing Mascara Tears And Vanilla Spice, each song is unique and is able to stand alone as a brilliant tune; there is not one track that is there to fill space, no skipping is necessary and the choruses are particularly outstanding and will leave you breathless.

The dual vocal presence is curiosity of Kier Kemp and Laurence Beveridge. There isn't one particular vocal that is more powerful than the other, both offer a uniqueness to their voice and build for some explosive vocal harmonies; the gruffer moments tend to add intensity, hysteria and eagerness. When all vocals, including backing, are combined for the choruses, magic happens!

By the sounds of this album, Fearless Vampire Killers has created a world with no limitations except for their own imagination and creativity. When these guys burst out of the darkness and set off into a tune, expect the unexpected - anything can happen.