Frank Turner I Still Believe

April 21st 2012 Record Store Day saw the limited edition 7" release of this folk rock romp that featured both on Frank Turner's Rock & Roll EP way back in 2010, and his latest album England Keep My Bones. So you might already know about the sing-a-long verses that are joined with catchy offbeat snare hits, and jaunty chorus with leading piano line. The call and response style shouts of "I Still Believe" which echo the way in which it is performed live, with encouraged audience participation, should come as no surprise as well as the precision executed slow down of tempo at the end.

But what is new? The answer lies in the b-side and the artwork. The artwork resembles something like a coat of arms that matches the themes of mortality and Englishness that the album covers. The b-side is a pretty rocky cover of Somebody To Love by the oh-so English Queen. Frank Fans will enjoy the fun nature of the song.

I Still Believe does well to glue Turner's attachment to both the folk and punk scene in both its style and lyrical content.