heavy bluesy rock

We first came across the fantastic Leeds based four piece Black Moth on the New Heavy Sounds Volume 2 compilation album late last year and they impressed us then with their moody, noisy rock with heavy duty, nasty riffs and sultry female vocals. This is the band's debut full length and you have the chance to really sink your teeth into their sound, The Killing Jar is an intense ride of heavy rock with grooveable beats you can move to.

The mix is addictive; bluesy-punky-doomy undertones back a sound that is part stoner rock, part metal and brimming over with huge groove-laden moments, heavy hit drums and plenty of strong melodies. Opening track The Articulate Dead is all blasts of distorted guitars and vocals leading in to the measured, bluesy beats of Blackbirds Fall; super low and chunky metal riffs wash over you and those seductive vocals weave in and out dragging you with them.

The guitars don't just batter you though; Spit Out Your Teeth starts with a brilliant fast little riff which sounds simple but most likely isn't, then chugging power chords are added and later rising scales give urgency. The whole album's like this; complex arrangements sound simple - it's all tackled with ease and made to sound easy.

As if the tunes weren't enough to sell it to you the band has chosen their producer well with Jim Sclavunos; he brings out their scuzzy bluesy side with the vocals clear and distinct but he also allows the thunderous riffs room to breathe and you can literally hear the strings being hit, giving a fantastic raw edge - it's perfectly balanced. If bluesy, heavy rock is what you love then you need to own this record.