Acoustic textures

TesseracT are impressive on record, although I still maintain you need to see them live to really appreciate the intricacies of their sound, anyway that aside this is an interesting release from them with five tracks of mostly acoustic fare that showcases a different side to their prog metal sound. Retaining the uplifting technical theatrics of their full sound but allowing front man Elliott Coleman's vocals to take centre stage, they explore softer textures and atmospherics to great effect. April for example, opens with thumping bass, crystal clear guitars and a soaring vocal line/backing harmonies, the atmosphere is tangible yet open and airy; inducing goose bumps if you let it.

There is a cover of Jeff Buckley's Dream Brother towards the end of the record which is a great choice for them, the Eastern sounding guitars and elaborate vocals suit them down to the ground, they do a great job; I don't think its unfair to say that Buckley has the better voice but Coleman's is an admirable effort, with one of his best vocals on the EP. The final tune is a reworking of the track Eden entitled Eden 2.0 rerecorded with Elliott's vocals, and it's a chance to hear their full sound, its a blistering tune and best played at full volume.

Much of the time when a band releases an EP of tracks with a different feel than their usual fare you're tempted to say 'for fans only' but not here, as well as a great between albums taster for fans this would also be a solid introduction to TesseracT and their ever evolving sound.