Motorhead - The Complete Early Years

Motorhead are easily the UK's most successful heavy metal band with a career that has spanned almost 40 years. If you have conversations with hardcore fans of any band in the world, they will no doubt say "Their earlier stuff was better", well, a lot of dreams are about to come true as Motorhead are set to release The Complete Early Years.

The Complete Early Years comes in a limited collector's edition, housed in a unique Motorhead case, it is a truly remarkable set, containing eight albums, seven singles and a 7" vinyl. If all that wasn't enough, it also comes with a photo book and collectors guide, making the The Complete Early Years box set a must-have for any Motorhead fan. Sadly for me, I only received a digital copy.

The Complete Early Years is a fantastic collection of songs; with numerous classic Motorhead tracks present including Louie Louie, Overkill and Stand By Your Man. The album also features Please Don't Touch; Motorhead's collaboration with Girlschool. This song shows the diversity in Motorhead's sytle and the vocals of Lemmy and Girlschool's Kim McAuliffe work perfectly together, giving the song a true punk-vibe.

Predictably, the highlight track on this album is Ace Of Spades just about every rock fan in the world knows this song. As soon as the distorted bass guitar intro kicks in you are faced with aggression, letting the listener know they're in for a ferocious ride. Ace Of Spades catapulted Motorhead into the minds of many and putting them on the map as rock 'n' roll royality. To this day the song is frequently used in TV shows, movies and video games. A classic track that has stood the test of time, along with all the other tracks on this epic release.

Another highlight on this album is a song that is often overlooked in Motorhead's back catalogue; Jailbait. The song is intense and hard hitting. It perfectly highlights how talented the guys in Motorhead are, and I've often wondered why the song was not more successful.

Motorhead are one of the UK's foremost rock band's; their popularity has never waned and they still have a strong presence on the live circuit. This is a perfect collection of songs that will make a great addition to any Motorhead fan's collection. This collection of songs shows exactly why Motorhead have had such a long and successful career. It's an impeccable release that I could listen to all day.