An epic tune

Doves take an epic detour into the countryside for the 2nd single from their album "Some Cities". It's a chilling, ethereal tune that makes you feel giddy, I'm a little scared of heights, but Doves are great company for any journey, with familiar breathy indie vocals.

It's dreamy and romantic with breezy guitar and echoing strings that sound rather like the alien noises from bad sci-fi movies, truly a tune galaxies wide. It's a very self-reflective, understated tune that soars gently alone, but completes sucks you into its epic stratosphere as soon as you listen. The remix, although tediously similar to start, spirals into a few moments of moody, overdriven guitar before soaring up into a squealing solo; it's well worth a listen.

Snowden is a tune that should take Doves to heady heights in the charts.