Heavy and Exciting

Leathers is the first piece of music released by the Deftones since the triumphant Diamond Eyes in 2009, and immediately it is clear that this great run of form the band are on is about to continue. Leathers is exciting and heavy. After a mysterious intro to the track, there is a sudden explosion of sound as Chino Moreno screams "This is your chance" and cue the distorted riffs, thunderous bass and pounding drums that have personified the Deftones. This should definitely become a crowd pleaser at shows, with a great chorus to sing along to and heavy riffs you cannot help but move your head to. When looking at reports about their new album, , Koi No Yokan set for release on November 13th, the band have been quoted in saying that this album feels like a return to the style contained on the White Pony album. Listening to Leathers it is clear why many may get that impression but after a few listens it actually feels like a fusion of the styles on both White Pony and Diamond Eyes if that makes any sense. Probably doesn't but one thing is certain, this is Deftones at their best.

The second single released, Tempest is perhaps the 'other side' of the Deftones. A longer song, the track is more atmospheric, yet also a lot heavier. The riffs are dirty and sludgy and prove to again be a perfect balance with some of Chino Moreno's cleaner vocals. This track perhaps has more of a White Pony feel to it than Leathers, at times feeling like it could have been ripped straight from the album. Through listening to Tempest it also becomes clear that the band have given bassist Sergio Vega, a heightened freedom, as you begin to feel his place in the band has really solidified since he replaced Chi Cheng after the tragic accident that left him in a coma. Much like Leathers this track will definitely become a crowd pleaser very quickly, and personally I am very much looking forward to hearing both live.

Both of these tracks serve as a fantastic preview to the new album, creating such a powerful impression it has genuinely left me desperate to hear more. When listening to Leathers and Tempest it just exemplifies the fact that Deftones are one of the most consistent bands around. Yes there have been ups and downs across the bands life-span, but they have never lost that special Deftones 'feel' that makes them so unique. Make sure you don't miss Koi No Yokan dropping on November 15th, it should be an absolute belter.