Limozine - Tokyo 1970

Having been sent Limozine's album Full Service earlier this year, I was excited to their latest single Tokyo 1970 in my mailbox.

Tokyo 1970 is a little taste of what to expect on their upcoming fourth album; You've Been Limozined. The track opens with a dong, before launching into the fabulous rock & roll music you expect from the quartet.

The track sounds like a classic rock track, solid drums, raw but strong vocals and a punky guitar riff. It is easily accessible and instantly engaging. The driving guitars and punchy bassline give the song a great pace, you know that Tokyo 1970 would sound amazing live and would be one of the highlights of their set.

Some people may say that Limozine's music isn't relevant today, but I love it. It's well performed and produce dwith tongue in cheek elements. In simple terms, it's rock music for people that love rock music.