Hellbound Hearts - Outside

Yorkshire rockers Hellbound Hearts unleash their debut EP Outside to coincide with their upcoming UK tour.

The title track doubles up as the opening track and instantly grabs your attention, and the hold it has on you is unbreakable. It is thunderous and hard hitting but the chorus is extremely catchy and you soon catch yourself singing along.

Second track Mr Cynical is much more laid back and former Terrorvision bass player; Danny Lambert, proves himself to be a very competent singer in his role as vocalist and guitarist for Hellbound Hearts. Although this track is more laid back, once again, it features a catchy chorus but lacks the punch of its predecessor.

Sinking Ship and Hold Steady raise the tempo once again, they both ooze passion and energy and contain clever hooks and riffs, both tracks are instantly likeable.

Outside is a short, snappy and likeable EP. Hellbound Hearts are truly flying the flag for British rock and roll with this release; it is well worth checking out as it is a magnificent debut effort.