'Just Like A Super Collider'

When you look at the Big Four it is clear that none of them have, or probably will come close to topping the classics that put them on the map in the first place. It is this kind of attitude, whilst on the face of it pretty negative, you need to have when approaching new releases. Not because they haven't got it anymore, but just because each album (especially in the case of Megadeth) represents where the band were at during that given moment with each being a new key part of the band's life cycle. Super Collider is no different, the band are, arguably, in a very good place at the moment, despite the odd tangent from Mustaine, and it definitely shows throughout the album. Dave Mustaine is just a riff machine, whilst some of them fall a bit flat here and there throughout the course of the album, and it can all end up feeling a bit samey, there are some that hit you hard as nails.

For a start, the track Dance In The Rain is an absolute belter, and a definite high point on the album. It show's a grittier side than the more commercial sounding title track Super Collider and sounds like it would be great live. Another high point on the album is the opening song, and second single off the album Kingmaker which delivers a fast paced and punchy introduction to the album.

As mentioned earlier though, the main gripe with the album is the fact that it kind of falls flat in the same way Thirteen did. It's not an album filled from side to side with classics, delivering only a handful of truly memorable moments.