A reformed Motley Crue?!

This number is taken from their new and soon to be released Greatest Hits album 'Red, White and Crue'. If you like your metal hot and anthemic and you're into big bad hair, if you like a total sound that is wide and wired, then the 'Crue are for you.

Helicopter head banging is the order of the day here with slamming axe work that competes with drums operating on an epic scale. Within this you can see where a lot of bands draw their influences from. The vocals are delivered against a background of soaring guitars with all the essentials for a typical Motley Crue sound here, and you can feel the showmanship coming through in the intensity of this number. The only problem is that although these guys are demi-gods, metal has got heavier and demands more from both its players and listeners, so for some the anthem style will not create the intensity of feeling that they may be looking for. Having said that, it is hard to criticise this band who 'talk the talk and walk the walk' that most of the world are too terrified to try.